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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Golden Gate Loop Trail

We could see where this huge bolder fell from
Our hike this week was considered an easy hike.  It's said it's so named because early prospectors thought Gates Pass and the mountain constituted the gate to the gold in the Tucson Mountains.  Golden Gate Trail circles Golden Gate Mountain but can also be combined with other trails to form a loop that takes you back to the parking lot.  That is the trail we took - the Loop.  The hike was 6.6 miles and really was relatively easy.

Where the trail forked - David Yetman left, Golden Gate right
The weather was awesome! Blue skies and plenty of sunshine put us all in good moods. We did not see many flowers in bloom yet. We also did not spy any animals of any kind. Well, I guess I should count the hawk we saw sitting atop a tall saguaro cactus. All the other hikers tell me I should be happy we are not seeing animals and that I probably won't be happy when I do see one.  We'll see....

The scenery here in the mountains is unparalleled. Just breathtaking. The trail itself was pretty easy to hike. The terrain changed almost constantly - one moment it was very rocky and hilly and almost before we realized it, it would change to smooth and straight.

We had walked just a couple of miles when we looked over to the right and in the distance could see Old Tucson.  We were still a pretty good distance from the town so none of my pictures came out clearly....sorry.  Old Tucson is a popular tourist attraction here in Tucson and the backdrop for a lot of western movies such as  Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, Cimarron, Rio Bravo, The Three Amigos and a host of television westerns.  For one while on the hike we could actually hear the music from the saloon.

We stopped at the halfway mark for our sandwiches and a rest.  We really were roughing it on this facilities - if you know what I mean.  :-P  Oh yes, I did promise trails and trials...other than the no facilities thing the only other trial was with my camelback.  There was a crimp in the tubing so I was not able to get a drink for over three miles...from the beginning until or stop for lunch.  I took the bladder insert out of the camelback at our lunch break and straightened the tubing, and it was then that I noticed the bladder was leaking.  All along the trail I simply thought my back was wet because of perspiration....not so.  Over half of the water had leaked out!  Needless to say, I was really rationing my water on the walk back (when you are more tired and thirsty).  I had to carry the camelback in my hand, upside down to keep it from dripping down my back.  I have since replaced aforementioned cursed equipment.

Well, the second half of the hike - the way back - was pretty uneventful, but just a lovely as the first half.  As you can see in the picture below, our lady that had the little misstep accident at the beginning of the hike was all smiles at the end of the hike with our resident physical therapist who had checked her after the fall kept an eye on her throughout the hike. 
All's well that end's well
We had a good full day of rain recently, so I am waiting to see the wildflowers burst through within the next few weeks.  I'll keep you posted....

Until then....Happy trails to you, until we meet again.

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  1. Just a disclaimer...I didn't shoot the video on this page. I googled Golden Gate Loop and since this came up as a youtube video of David Yetman trail. Sister trail to the one we were on. I would never have gotten close enough to videotape the diamondback's tongue. No.