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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Temporary slow down in hiking

Heart of the Rocks in the Chiracahua's from our hike last year

I have had several questions regarding the blog not being updated for a couple of weeks that need to be addressed.  I am terribly sorry for the lack of fun-filled hikes, but here in Arizona the days have become very sun-filled.  As the temperatures have begun to rise, we have had to disband our regular hikes.  Our last hike was supposed to be in the Chiracahua National Monument, but we had to cancel because of the heat and the fact that the group had dwindled down to just a precious few.  This is not to say there will be nothing happening during the summer months.  I already have plans to go on several hikes up in the cooler mountain areas with friends - so check back periodically, you may be pleasantly surprised.  In the event the hot weather hikes don't happen here - I'll be back on the trails in late October or early November.

See you on the trails......

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  1. Well, keep us Midwest folks updated on your fun summer adventures. We love ya Lil Missy!